What Kinds of Jobs Do Contractors Perform?


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The types of jobs contractors perform depend on the type of contractor, such as plumbing, home building, electrical and engineering. General contractors perform basic tasks, but have sub-contractors for these different specialties.

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The main contractor on a job site is usually known as a general contractor. These contractors work closely with laborers, sub-contractors, suppliers and homeowners or business owners. They provide all the labor for work on a construction site, as well as the tools, materials and equipment required for the project. They are responsible for invoicing the homeowner. General contractors are officially licensed by state governments; specific licensing requirements vary by state.

General contractors hire sub-contractors for specific tasks, such as plumbing, electricity or drywall installation, and are responsible for paying them and supervising their work. General contractors also need to secure the property, apply for building permits and do site surveying. They are responsible for recycling or disposal of waste, making schedules and maintaining records.

There are also many types of specialty contractors that work only in specific fields, such as concrete contractors, cabinet contractors, framing contractors, flooring contractors and fencing contractors. These contractors either work on their own or with general contractors on different home or commercial property projects.

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