What Kinds of Jobs Can You Find on CalgaryJobShop?

What Kinds of Jobs Can You Find on CalgaryJobShop?

As of December 2015, some of the featured jobs on the site include HVAC operations manager, wellness coordinator, ice technician and fast food attendant. CalgaryJobShop.ca focuses on promoting local jobs to local employees.

CalgaryJobShop.ca is part of RegionalHelpWanted.com, a group that operates more than 400 online job boards in the United States and Canada. It partners with local broadcast stations that promote the individual job sites via radio and TV spots in exchange for revenue-sharing.

The website is free of charge for job seekers and allows users to search jobs in categories including Administrative/Clerical, Automotive/Mechanical, Customer Service/Support, Management and Non Profit, Other categories include Restaurant/Food Service, Retail, Sales, Trades/Labor and Other.

Companies posting job ads on CalgaryJobShop.ca pay $335 per job posting for 30 days. Access to the database of applicant resumes can be purchased for an additional $200 per month. More than 380,000 job seekers have submitted their resumes to the database.

The province of Alberta was hard hit in 2014 with many layoffs in the resource sector. The province's unemployment rate was 7 percent in November 2015, up from 4.4 percent in November 2014. In the Calgary area, the unemployment rate is 6.7 percent. The city has the third highest unemployment rate of the six major metropolitan markets in the country.