What Kinds of Jobs Can You Get With an Art Major?

What Kinds of Jobs Can You Get With an Art Major?

A student majoring in art is qualified for a variety of careers after graduation, including positions as illustrators, teachers, graphic designers, photographers and cartoonists. Depending on the specific qualifications of the individual, positions in arts administration, art law and museum management may also be options.

Career opportunities for art majors are wide open, and since the field is often highly competitive, they should be flexible when searching for jobs.

The arts and culture industry generates over 5 million jobs each year. Additional training in business or communications aides art majors in finding lucrative positions. Job experience including internships and volunteer positions help set candidates apart.

Art dealers use their business savvy to sell and trade valuable art pieces. They develop a group of artists to represent and a group of clients who trust their taste. They may work for an established art dealer or start their own studio.

An art educator might work in a museum, art studio or classroom giving tours and lectures. Coursework in history and public communication helps the art major become a better presenter.

Often, art majors find their way into the corporate world working for marketing firms or publishers. They may create unique designs for marketing campaigns or illustrate original cover art to help sell books. In the medical field, art majors can find work as a medical illustrator or forensic photographer.