What Kinds of Items Are a Good Deal to Buy on Clearance at Sam's?


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Clearance items marked with a price that ends in one cent or 91 cents are good deals to buy at Sam's Club, states the Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel. These prices signal a final markdown and generally garner the best price.

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Clearance meat from the Sam's Club butcher section may have been cut the day before and been priced down when it didn't sell, states Sarah Roe. She recommends visiting the meat section in the mornings to get the meat at a good discount. Hair care products, such as Pantene shampoo and conditioner, are also good items to buy on clearance for a deal compared to the prices at local supermarkets.

Furniture is another kind of item that, when sold at a clearance sale, comes as a good deal from Sam's Club. The most heavily discounted pieces are often in the back of the store, states Sarah Roe. However, Roe advises to wait on furniture until a specific clearance sale, instead of watching for the occasional clearance tag. Bulk items, such as paper plates and plastic forks, also occasionally go on clearance when the stock exceeds needs. These clearance items are a good deal only if the buyer can use the bulk-size amount.

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