What Kinds of Interview Questions Should You Ask Graphic Designers?


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Interview questions for a graphic designer should center on the candidate's experience, software skills, soft skills and portfolio. The interviewer may ask what kinds of companies the candidate has worked for and what types of pieces have been designed to determine if the candidate is familiar designing the items the company requires. The interview can also ask questions directly about pieces from the candidate's portfolio, such as the time required, tools used, feedback given and the creative process used.

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The interviewer may also ask about the types of design software the candidate has experience with, including brands and versions used, ways the software was used at previous positions, preferences and willingness to train on new software. It may also be helpful to ask about programming experience.

In addition to asking about design-related experience and skills, the interview may use open-ended questions to find out how the candidate works with other people and leads a team.

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