What Kinds of Insurance Does Lloyds of London Offer?

What Kinds of Insurance Does Lloyds of London Offer?

Lloyds of London offers casualty, property, marine, energy, motor and aviation insurance. They also offer reinsurance, a type of insurance for insurance companies that protects against large claims and increases the company's capacity.

Marine insurance was one of the first options available from Lloyds when the company originated. It covers the hull and cargo, liability and insures high-value cargo in transit such as fine art.

Lloyds casualty insurance options include medical malpractice, health and accidents, professional indemnity and liability for directors, officers and employers. Customers in the United States make up much of Lloyds casualty business.

Lloyds property insurance is responsible for things such as protecting resorts from weather damage to helping build the new World Trade Center.

Energy insurance covers oil rigs, oil properties and refineries. Lloyds motor insurance focuses on company fleets, high-value vehicles and high-risk drivers such as Sir Malcolm Campbell, who is known for attempting to break speed records. Available aviation insurance not only covers planes and airports, but also provides war and terrorist coverage.

As of 2014, Lloyds also insures against cyber attacks, holding approximately 15 percent of the market. The company continues to expand and innovate, opening offices in Dubai and China and working to open operations in Mexico and India.