What Kinds of Incidents Are Covered by Workman's Compensation Benefits?


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Workers' compensation covers medical costs for examining and treating an employee's illness or injury, according to the Houston Chronicle. If the worker dies while on job, the compensation provides payment for retraining, rehabilitation and benefits to survivors.

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Although the injury doesn't have to occur at the exact area of employment, the injury should relate to the job, according to the Houston Chronicle. Work-related events involve business trips or social events that are meant to facilitate the job. Workers' compensation covers long-term illness or injuries, including carpal tunnel syndrome, which usually occurs after repetitive movements over a long period. The compensation also offers additional benefits, such as lump sums, for permanent disability, which may occur as a result of the injury. Payment for permanent disability is disbursed on a weekly basis and normally equals two-thirds of the worker's salary.

However, the employee is not entitled to compensation if he sustains an injury while under the influence of drugs or alcohol; after acting against the company's policies, or when committing a criminal act, explains the Houston Chronicle. The employee cannot make a claim if he induces the injury or triggers a fight.

Workers' compensation pays for vacation or sick time while the employee is not on job, so an employer doesn't have to pay the employee's salary when he is out of work, notes the Houston Chronicle. Additionally, an employee under workers' compensation cannot sue his employer in a court of law.

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