What Kinds of Home Furnishings Does the Restoration Hardware Outlet Sell?


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Restoration Hardware Outlets sell home furnishings such as tables, accent pillows, window coverings, light fixtures and hardware such as doorknobs and light switch covers. The exact inventory of these stores varies between locations but typically consists of damaged units of the current product lines or models the company is phasing out of its regular selections.

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Restoration Hardware sells a wide range of home furnishing products that cover numerous aspects of home design, including furniture and fixtures. Its series of outlet stores carry the same variety of home furnishings, but in varying selections and quantities according to the inventory of the standard retail stores in that area. The outlets specifically carry items that are not in pristine condition, such as chairs with scratches on them from use as floor models or shelving units no longer in their original packaging. As a result, the stores offer these items at a discount to incentivize purchases and help the main stores free up inventory for new models.

The company does not offer any of the products available at the outlet stores through its website, RestorationHardware.com. However, it is possible to locate a nearby outlet using the store locator tool, which contains an option to only display the outlets. Customers are also unable to reserve the items in the outlet stores or request shipment to another location. Some stores may also sell discontinued products and offer no return policy on items.

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