What Kinds of Financing Can You Get at Gray-Daniels Nissan?

Gray-Daniels Nissan offers both zero percent financing and cash back offers, in addition to traditional financing options. The dealership has a rotating incentive system and usually has financing specials. Many vehicles have incentives such as zero percent financing for 24, 36, 42, 48 or 60 months attached, and some offer cash back from $500 to $5,000. Interest rates and terms for traditional financing depend primarily on the buyer's credit history, and vary from zero to 29 percent.

Gray-Daniels Nissan is a large dealership with access to a variety of lenders. Interest rates and financing options depend on both the lender and the borrower's credit history. Not all of Gray-Daniels' incentives are available to every buyer, and the dealership uses a brief credit application to determine the ultimate financing package for each customer.

Leasing is another option in terms of financing a vehicle at Gray-Daniels. If the buyer does not plan on accumulating high mileage and is looking for a lower monthly payment with little to no money down, the dealership recommends leasing over financing. With many leases, the lessee may purchase the car at the end of the term and take advantage of financing options available at a later date, which is often recommended for those looking to rebuild their credit.

Despite advertised financing options, buyers should speak with a finance representative individually regarding an auto loan, as not all offers are available to all car buyers, depending on credit, income and down payment available.