What Kinds of Duties Are Included in Hospitality Jobs?

What Kinds of Duties Are Included in Hospitality Jobs?

Hospitality job duties include attending to guests, serving food and drinks, and organizing events. Giving guests recommendations for food, drinks and activities and helping them to arrange extra services may also be required. Managing positions in the hospitality industry may involve typical hospitality duties in additional to managing duties such as hiring, training and making schedules.

Attending to guests can require anything from greeting guests coming into the hotel, restaurant or spa to giving them extra information and directions. In a hotel, check-in and check-out, as well as room services, are also duties.

Serving food and drinks is a common duty in many hospitality establishments, including hotels, resorts and luxurious cruises. Many hotels and lodges offer in-room dining service in additional to serving food and drinks at their restaurants and bars.

Many big hotels offer event services for their corporate guests, such as organizing meetings, conferences and year-end parties. Duties for the workers include setting up conference rooms, preparing food and drinks, and guiding participants.

Often, guests who stay in a hotel or eat in a restaurant ask for recommendations for good nearby activities or must-see attractions. Hospitality workers, especially the ones in direct contact with guests, have the responsibility to know their local area.

Sometimes, hospitality workers are responsible for arranging transportation, such as by ordering a taxi or tour bus.