What Kinds of Doctors Have the Highest Salary?

Doctors with the highest salaries include orthopaedic surgeons, who make an average of $464,500 each year, and invasive cardiologists, who make an average of $461,364, as of 2013. Non-invasive cardiologists are also highly paid, averaging around $447,143 per year.

Gastroenterologists are also highly paid, making around $441,421 per year. Urologists make an average of $424,091 per year, while hematologists and oncologists make around $396,000. Dermatologists make an average of $370,952, and pulmonologists make around $351,125. General surgeons round out the top 10 highest-paid doctors, making an average of $336,375 per year.

As a whole, physicians make an average salary of $188,440 per year.