What Kinds of Companies Provide Chemical Waste Removal Services?


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Waste disposal and environmental service agencies are some of the types of companies that provide chemical waste removal services, according to HazardousWasteExperts.com and Safety-Kleen.com. The Environmental Protection Agency regulates the removal, storage and disposal of hazardous waste, and companies that provide these services must follow all local, state and federal laws and requirements.

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Chemical and hazardous waste removal is regulated by the EPA, which affects the treatment and disposal, storage, record keeping and reporting of hazardous wastes activities, states EPA.gov. Waste disposal and environmental service agencies must follow all requirements outlined by the EPA when dealing with chemical and hazardous waste.

Waste disposal companies, such as HazardousWasteExperts.com, specialize in the removal of all types of waste, including chemical, hazardous, liquid, solvent, electronic, automotive and other waste types, notes HazardousWasteExperts.com. These types of companies typically provide recycling services for plastics, metals and organic waste, as well as services for non-hazardous materials that are still regulated such as waste water, asbestos and absorbents, among others.

Environmental service agencies, such as Safety Kleen, work with organizations to remove and recycle hazardous and non-hazardous materials in a sustainable way, states Safety-Kleen.com. Safety Kleen works with the automotive industry and other industries to collect, recycle and refine used oil and solvents, and it also provides vacuum services to provide environmental solutions for organizations.

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