What Kinds of Cases Do Timeshare Lawyers Handle?


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Timeshare lawyers handle a wide range of cases, including those that touch on contract, real estate and business laws. Timeshare lawyers help clients settle claims on shared ownership or property by resolving cases dealing with timeshare issues, such as timeshare rights, nonpayment and fraud schemes, states LegalMatch.

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Timeshare lawyers mostly handle legal issues arising from the violation of any terms stipulated in a timeshare contract. Some of these issues include property failure, premature timeshare cancellation and timeshare payment defaults. Timeshare lawyers also help clients review the terms of timeshare contracts to protect them from fraud schemes. Additionally, timeshare lawyers arbitrate conflicts between timeshare owners, explains LegalMatch.

Timeshare lawyers also handle cases in which clients find that the condition, size or other material fact of a timeshare is significantly different from what the timeshare contract promised. In these cases, the lawyer has to show that the sales pitch was misleading, that the client would not have signed the contract in absence of the misleading tactics, and that the client suffered some financial loss as a direct result of the purchase. If the lawyer proves a timeshare breach of contract, the court may rescind the contract and/or award the plaintiff a money judgment, claims Nolo.

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