What Kinds of Car Insurance Coverage Does Erie Insurance Offer?


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Erie Insurance offers a car insurance policy that features six types of coverage, as of 2015, including bodily injury liability, medical costs, property damage liability and collision coverage, states the company. Erie Insurance provides additional protection by allowing policyholders to add extra features to their standard insurance policies.

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The bodily injury liability coverage pays for legal costs and compensation associated with bodily injury claims against a policyholder, explains Erie Insurance. Erie's auto insurance policy also covers medical costs for injuries resulting from an accident. Additionally, policyholders enjoy protection from legal liability costs due to property damage claims filed against them.

The collision coverage covers damage to a policyholder's vehicle and its components due to a collision, according to Erie Insurance. The comprehensive coverage pays for car damage due to causes other than collision or upset, including vandalism, broken glass, theft or fire. Through the uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage, policyholders may receive payment if they suffer an injury in an accident, and the other party who's at fault has inadequate or no car insurance.

Erie Insurance features the Erie Rate Lock endorsement, which allows policyholders to maintain a competitive premium without rate increases, notes the company. Policyholders who want to personalize the coverage for a new car or expand the coverage in their existing policies may opt for new auto security coverage, auto enhancement or road service.

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