What Kinds of Benefits Do VA Health Systems Offer Veterans?


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Benefits afforded to veterans through a VA health system include compensation for inability to work due to disease or disability, pension services and several types of insurance, including health and life. Other benefits include home loan services, vocational rehabilitation and educational services.

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VA benefits are overseen by the Veterans Benefits Administration, which works on both a national and local level to ensure that all former members of the American military receive the proper amount and type of aid. Insurance services are among the most frequently utilized benefits, as many veterans are unable to obtain employer-based coverage or afford individual coverage after completing military services. These programs provide full medical, dental and vision coverage through specialized VA hospitals as well as through third-party medical providers. The amount of coverage varies based on federal regulations.

Educational and training benefits are also a key part of the VA benefits program, as many veterans have difficulty reintegrating into civilian lifestyles after serving. These programs include both specialized VA training facilities as well as a crediting program that offers payment for education at a variety of accredited educational institutions. These programs typically include a special application process to receive approval for full or partial funding.

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