What Kinds of American Express Cards Can You Apply For?


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American Express offers charge cards that must be paid in full each month and credit cards that are allowed to carry balances, according to the company website. In addition, a prepaid, re-loadable card is available.

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American Express carries several charge cards, including green, gold and platinum versions, according to the company website. All require an annual fee, although in some cases that is waived for one year. Bonus points are earned toward rewards such as gift cards and frequent traveler programs. Since American Express expects users to pay off their balances every month, charge cards do not have automatic interest fees.

Many types of credit cards are offered by American Express. Several are affiliated with other business, such as Delta, Mercedes-Benz, Hilton and Costco, states American Express. An annual fee is imposed on some cards. Interest rates vary across the cards. Depending on the specific card, purchases earn cash back, travel benefits or other rewards.

American Express Serve is a prepaid card, the company explains. It is used to make purchases, withdraw money from ATMs and pay bills. Prepaid cards are available online, but many retailers, such as CVS, OfficeMax and Walgreens, also sell them. To begin the process, the American Express Serve is connected to a debit card or bank account. Funds are added at participating retail sites.

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