What Kinds of Accomplishments Should Other People See on a Resume?


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When writing a resume, job applicants should list accomplishments related to the job openings for which they're applying. Accomplishments listed should showcase the applicant’s skills and achievements, demonstrate how the applicant contributed to previous employers' success, and reflect the applicant’s potential for success in a new position.

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For example, a welder might list his record of zero defects in previous ductwork and welding jobs as an accomplishment. An engineer might note the increase in sales that a company experienced after he debugged the company’s software. A writer might mention that articles he wrote garnered thousands of hits that led to the generation of hundreds of sales leads for the client. A teacher who updated class curriculum and raised the exam passing rate for students by a certain percentage can boast about this accomplishment on his resume.

When determining which accomplishments to list, the job applicant should think about recognition and praise received from previous employers and co-workers, whether from saving the company money or finishing jobs ahead of schedule. Awards, commendations and promotions are also notable accomplishments. Being selected to serve on a task force, committee or special project are also worthy of mention. The applicant’s solutions to problems that led to enhanced efficiency, increased revenue and improved customer service are all good things to list as accomplishments on a resume.

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