What Kind of Training Do Apprentices Need in Australia?


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Individuals participating in an apprenticeship do not typically need specific training before entering the program, though they may need to meet criteria such as minimum job experience in a specific industry to maintain enrollment in a certification program. Once she begins the apprenticeship, she learns about specific skills of a given trade by working alongside a practicing profession in a typical work environment.

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There are multiple organization operating within Australia that help workers participate in an apprenticeship program, each of which maintains its own criteria for applicants. These criteria commonly focus on the applicant's prior experience and education, which helps ensure that the person is able to function within the apprenticeship and begin working in the field after completing the program. Some programs may also place a minimum age requirement on applicants, though this may only be for employers claiming payments from entities such as Support for Adult Australian Apprentices.

It is also common for apprenticeships to focus on specific industries or job types, many of which require skilled labor as a core aspect of the job. These apprenticeships may not require applicants to have extensive prior training, as the purpose of the program is to teach them about the job in question. In some cases, the apprenticeship may also include a promise of employment with the teacher after the completion of the program.

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