What Kind of Tools Do Veterinarians Have to Use on a Daily Basis?

Veterinarians regularly use ultrasound imaging, endoscopy, radiographic imaging, electrocardiograph machines and other diagnostic equipment. They also employ surgical tools, such as dressing forceps, vaccination needles and lab testing equipment on a regular basis. Like a typical doctor, veterinarians also use stethoscopes, speculums, catheters and other common medical equipment to perform checkups.

Livestock veterinarians often employ animal husbandry equipment, such as dehorners or hoof picks. Cattle chutes and hoof testers are useful for livestock veterinarians who need to capture larger animals and check hooves for pain. Animal-catching snares and poles are used by vets to capture smaller animals that require medical treatment or need to be euthanized. Veterinarians who complete dental work on animals also use both low and high-speed dental hand pieces. Equipment such as a lead apron is used to protect both animals and vets during radiographic imaging.

In addition to medical equipment, veterinarians use office tools on a daily basis, such as word processing and spreadsheet software. Medical software, such as Vetport, American Data Systems PAWS Veterinary Practice Management and Veterinary Software Publishing Advantage programs, are also used by both veterinarians and their staff members. Software is used to send invoices and reminder cards to customers, track inventory and maintain medical records.