What Kind of Services Are Offered by AccesD?

AccesD is an online Desjardins application that offers personal financial services. The application allows users to pay bills, view account balances and transfer money free of charge. Members can use the application on their computers or mobile devices from any place at any time with an Internet connection. AccesD also includes the My Budget tool that helps users view their monthly expenses and incomes and set realistic budget goals.

AccesD features automatic deposit of money into the user's account on business days. The application lets users receive online bills and documents that are delivered by Canada Post. Users can view and pay their bills or archive them up to seven years. The application helps users view and manage their Visa Desjardins account, Ameublements Tanguay and Colonial Furniture credit card information. AccesD users can also get new Desjardins products and services or make requests online.

AccesD helps users view their statements, manage their accounts and check the latest transactions. The application helps users pay regular bills such as phone, electricity, gas, cable, and municipal and school tax. Registered AccesD members can access the services on their smartphones or tablets by downloading the free app available on Android, Apple and Blackberry devices.