What Kind of Reviews Does GoFundMe Usually Get?


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A majority of the reviews for GoFundMe are positive, but there are negative and mixed reviews as well. Many people rate it as user-friendly, secure and free to start, while others complain of poor customer service and outrageous fees.

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The reviews for GoFundMe as user friendly, secure and easy to start are mixed. According to Crowdfunding, the owner satisfaction is above average and the site rates GoFundMe with five stars. Several reviewers found the company’s website to be user-friendly since everything is well organized and visible. It was also pointed out that it's secure when processing withdrawals to bank accounts.

One reviewer mentioned that it is easy to get started since the process is user friendly and there’s the functionality to promote fundraising goals on social media platforms. Several reviewers mentioned that it was an active avenue to raise funds since campaign topics are open as long as they are legal.

However, some reviewers complained that the funds were heavily taxed and there was poor customer service. Some reviewers complained of long waiting days before the funds were released to their bank accounts. One reviewer complained of lack of customer support as the administrators suspend some campaigns with no real explanation. Another reviewer mentioned cases of fraudulent individuals who use the site to solicit money using false campaign topics.

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