What Kind of Reviews Are Available for Sun Life Insurance of Canada?

What Kind of Reviews Are Available for Sun Life Insurance of Canada?

As of 2015, Sun Life Insurance of Canada received both positive and negative reviews on a variety of websites. The simple process of setting up an insurance policy is cited as positive, while several negative reviews mention the company's poor customer service.

Available reviews on the overall performance of Sun Life Insurance of Canada are mixed, with some reviewers citing positive experiences, while others have had negative experiences. Several reviewers mention the positive experiences they have had with the company's representatives who are easy to talk to and make the process of setting-up policies easy for clients.

One reviewer on InsurEye mentions receiving birthday cards and calendars from the company's representative. Several reviewers mention some of the policies offered by the company as the cheapest in the market and offering wide coverage.

There are several negative reviews related to poor customer service and delays in the payment of claims. One reviewer mentions having to call the company several times before receiving a proper response on a claim. Another reviewer cites being transferred from one person to another before talking to the right person.

The overall rating for Sun Life Insurance of Canada on InsurEye is 3.4 out of 5 stars based on reviews. The Better Business Bureau gives the company an A+ rating, although most of the reviews posted on the site are negative.