What Kind of Questions Should You Ask in a Cross-Cultural Interview?

The Society for Human Resource Management provides a list of suggested questions for employers looking to increase the diversity of their workforce, such as "Tell me about a time you had to alter your work style to meet a diversity need or challenge" and "What kinds of experiences have you had working with others with different backgrounds than your own?" State and federal laws prohibit asking certain personal direct questions.

Even where diversity is a goal, employers should take care to not ask direct questions about the candidate's cultural identity. Laws enforced by the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission make it illegal for employers to discriminate by race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability or genetic information. An unsuccessful candidate in one of these protected classes can bring an unlawful hiring practice claim against an employer who directly sought information about their class identity, according to Business Insider.

If there is a question about whether the candidate can fulfill the job requirements, ask about the work expectations and not about the candidate's class identity. For example, instead of directly asking the candidate which religion he practices, ask whether the candidate is able to work the required schedule, suggests HR World.