What Kind of Products Are Sold at Richelieu Hardware?


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Richelieu Hardware is a line of hardware products for decorative and functional purposes including kitchenware, cabinet and closet fixtures, claps and hasps and furniture and storage hardware of all kinds. The line encompasses the pins, screws, joists, rails and other moving and fixed elements that facilitate the reliable, effortless function of everyday items like doors and furniture.

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What Kind of Products Are Sold at Richelieu Hardware?
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Fixtures such as taps and faucet handles are a few of the bathroom fixtures Richelieu Hardware sells. These fixtures are available in a number of makes and models, and they are composed of various substances ranging from stainless steel to certain ceramics that resist water damage and strain.

Richelieu also stocks the component wheels and tracks of rolling ladders. These ladders, used in libraries and other vertical storage systems, allow their owners to access shelves along a broad avenue without having to sacrifice space or accessibility at any point during the design process. They are also anchored at both ends for stability and balance.

Richelieu is a noted producer and supplier of decorative knobs, handles and grip bars for use in kitchen furniture and cabinetry. These pieces of hardware are only modestly functional, existing primarily to help develop the aesthetic of a given kitchen space or dining area.

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