What Kind of Products Does Kelley Beekeeping Co. Supply?

What Kind of Products Does Kelley Beekeeping Co. Supply?

Kelley Beekeeping supplies beekeeping products such as hives and hive kits, protective gear, honey harvesting equipment, smokers and tools. A listing of its current inventory is available at KelleyBees.com.

Kelley Beekeeping offers kits such as the Kentucky special, the observation hive and the basic beginner outfit. The basic beginner outfit includes the necessary essentials to start beekeeping, such as a deep hive body box, 10 sheets of bees wax, a Boardman entrance feeder, a smoker and a plastic pith helmet with a round veil. Other hive components Kelley Beekeeping offers are top feeders, frames and queen-rearing kits.

Kelley Beekeeping offers protective clothing such as cotton and nylon coveralls with a round veil, youth pullover cotton jackets with hooded veils, leg aprons and canvas pants. It carries several types of gloves including goatskin gloves, cowhide gloves, cloth gloves and ventilated gloves.

Some honey harvesting products Kelley Beekeeping supplies are stainless steel extractors, liquefying tanks, wax separators, storage tanks and refractometers. Kelley Beekeeping also supplies packaging materials such as glass jars and plastic bottles along with lids and labels.

General supplies Kelley Beekeeping offers include beehive logs, measuring spoons, magnetic belt clips, hive tools and smoker fuel. Kelley Beekeeping also offers a variety of books and DVDs about beekeeping and honey harvesting.