What Kind of Products Does the Claxton Fruitcake Company Sell?

What Kind of Products Does the Claxton Fruitcake Company Sell?

In addition to its flagship fruitcakes, Claxton Fruitcake sells pecans, candies, preserves, dressings, sauces and relishes. The company's name derives from the fruit- and nut-stuffed cakes it sells in various sizes.

Claxton Fruitcake offers Georgia pecans in both sacks and tins. Customers can choose from plain, chocolate-covered, praline and glazed pecans, as well as a variety tin. Claxton stocks candies of various kinds, many containing these pecan varieties. Other choices include chocolate-covered fruitcake candy, pecan log rolls and pecan caramel clusters.

Preserves are a staple at Claxton, just as they are in the South. Customers can select Georgia peach, country fig, southern pear or strawberry preserves. The company also sells a variety pack of preserves. Claxton includes another Georgia product, Vidalia onions, in all of its dressings. Vidalia onion creamy dressing and Vidalia onion sweet pepper vinaigrette are available alone or in a variety pack.

The company also offers Southern-style barbecue sauce, sweet Vidalia onion relish and a package containing both products. Each order comes with two bottles.

In addition, Claxton sells gift baskets with combinations of various wares. It offers coffee mugs and t-shirts in a number of colors, which bear the Claxton Fruitcake logo on the front and back.