What Kind of Precautions Do Poultry Farms Use to Prevent Disease Outbreaks?


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The Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences at the University of Florida states that the best preventative to avoid disease outbreaks on poultry farms is to reduce unnecessary visits to the farm. By reducing the number of farm visits, human-based contamination can be kept to a minimum.

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Preventing individuals who have visited other poultry farms in the past few days can help reduce the spread of diseases between farms. Visitors to farms should also remove street clothing and replace them with farm-provided coveralls before entering into the farm as well. Disinfecting boots and showering before and after entering a farm can also help reduce the spread of disease. Any workers on the farm should also not be allowed to have poultry at home, to avoid bringing in disease from their own stock.

Any outside equipment brought to the farm should be disinfected. As a further preventative measure, the amount of equipment brought onto the farm should be limited as much as possible. Even the food brought into the farm by workers should be limited to exclude any poultry-based products. Since a disease can be carried from worker to worker, farm workers should avoid gathering with those people employed at other farms. This should include limits on leaving the farm during the day and then returning, to lower the chances of unknown contact with workers from different farms.

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