What Kind of Portable Oxygen Services Does Lincare Provide?


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Lincare offers liquid and gaseous portable oxygen services. The tank for the liquid system is approximately 40 inches tall and is filled with liquid oxygen. The tanks for the gaseous oxygen come in various sizes based on the oxygen needs of the patient.

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The tank for the liquid system is similar to a thermos as it has a reservoir where the liquid is converted into a gaseous form of oxygen. Smaller tanks can be filled from the reservoir for greater portability. Although the system does not require electricity to run, patients need to refill the tank regularly.

The liquid oxygen system is preferred for more active individuals who frequently leave the house. It is also better for patients who need at least four to five liters of oxygen per minute.

The cylinders for the gaseous system are made of aluminum or steel and have a regulator to adjust the amount of oxygen the patient receives. These systems are ideal for patients who only need occasional oxygen use or access in emergencies. These tanks can be stored for long periods and must be stored in an upright position.

Lincare also offers a stationary unit that is similar in size to a window air conditioning unit. This unit removes nitrogen from the air, increasing oxygen content. These units must be plugged in to function.

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