What Kind of Online Writing Jobs Are Available?

What Kind of Online Writing Jobs Are Available?

Types of online writing jobs include web content creation, web copy, blog post creation and ghost writing. The level of experience required to obtain these jobs varies.

Creating web content requires the writer to compose articles which will be used to drive traffic to websites. This task often involves tailoring the writing to include a set amount of key words. Payment for this type of job is often a one time flat fee or a flat fee plus additional payment for the number of page views.

Web copy creation refers to writing sales or other promotional material for websites. This type of writing is specifically geared toward increasing the interest and traffic surrounding the website. This sort of job can be found using online job posting boards as well as through directly contacting a particular website.

Blog writing can come in a variety of forms. A freelancer may start their own blog, or he or she may work to develop posts for a pre-existing blog. Many businesses feature blogs which are designed to offer useful content to their target market as well as drive new traffic to their site.

Ghost writing is a very diverse type of freelance writing. This involves writing material for an employer and allowing the employer to put their own name on the piece. Thus the freelancer renounces any rights of ownership to the material.