What Kind of Offers Do Printable Pet Coupons Offer?

What Kind of Offers Do Printable Pet Coupons Offer?

Depending on the pet store, printable pet coupons usually offer percentages off items such as cat or dog food and treats. Some coupons offer a specific monetary discount, whereas others encourage users to sign up for a store card to save a percentage on an entire purchase.

Not all pet stores have printable coupons, and coupons found on webpages outside of the pet store's official website often are not accepted at the pet stores.

Petco, a corporate pet store, provides a large number of printable coupon offers, which can also be used online. A user can either print the coupon and bring it into the store, or use it online and have the item delivered to her home or arrange for it to be picked up at her local Petco. Examples of Petco offers include percentages ranging from 10 to 20 percent off of treats made by companies such as Wellness and Natural Balance. The company also offers several printable offers on cat and dog food. Additionally, Petco offers printable coupons on cat furniture, dog beds, flea and tick repellant for cats and dogs, birdcages, and dog toys.

Petsmart, another corporate pet store, offers deals for customers in online purchases. Although the company sometimes offers printable coupons, offers are largely for online purchases only. The company does offer a search option for offers at local Petsmart stores. Petsmart deals include offers in which a user can save a certain dollar amount when she spends a certain dollar amount (example: save $15 when spending $150), as well as percentage offers.

Several pet stores offer printable coupons, but the coupons are largely for specific items, rather than on an entire purchase. A customer can sometimes save on an entire purchase by signing up for a frequency or credit card.