What Kind of Military Surplus Items Can You Buy From the Sportsman's Guide Catalog?

Sportsman's Guide offers a variety of military surplus items for sale, ranging from clothing, coats and boots to camping equipment, backpacks and tactical gear. All items can be purchased through the Sportsman's Guide website, where customers can read user reviews of each item.

The term military surplus refers to any type of good that was originally produced for use within the military but is sold off when it was no longer of use. As with any kind of goods supply situation, items are purchased in bulk based on estimations of expected use and demand. When items are bought in excess and unable to be reasonably used, or newer models are introduced, the military body sells off the products to recoup the money spent purchasing the items initially.

Sportsman's Guide operates its military surplus sales operation in the same fashion as the rest of its business. The company was founded in 1970 and released its first catalog in 1977. The original inventory consisted of discount gear and clothing geared towards hunters in the Minnesota area. Over time, the business expanded from a mail-order model to include online retail options. The business also offers a discount program for frequent buyers called the Buyer's Club.