What Kind of Merchandise Does the 99 Cent Only Store Warehouse Sell?


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The warehouses that supply 99 Cent Only stores do not sell merchandise directly. The 99 Cent Only retail stores sell a wide variety of groceries, snacks and miscellaneous household goods.

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Much of the inventory at 99 Cent Only stores comes from manufacturer overstock or discontinued items, so the specific lineup of products changes over time. Products available may also vary by location. As of February 2015, most stores are divided into aisles of fixed product types, and some brands are regularly carried by the chain, such as Granny Goose snacks.

Most stores have a small refrigerated section with dairy products, juices, lunch meat and eggs, among other items. They also often have a small frozen section with TV dinners, pizzas, frozen vegetables, burritos and other convenience foods. There are also sections for seasonal produce, salad bags and breads.

Other regularly stocked grocery items include canned vegetables and soups, instant noodles, pasta and condiments. Snack items include many different types of crackers as well as corn chips, popcorn, beef jerky and nuts. The stores typically have an entire aisle devoted to candies and sweets, such as chocolates, jelly candies and hard candy. Houseware items include cleaning products and basic kitchenware as well as small tools and repair items.

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