What Kind of Lunch Trucks Are Best for Starting a Food and Catering Business?


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The type of food truck to purchase for food and catering business is largely based on how food is to be prepared and served. Lunches can be sold out of a industrial commercial vehicle or mobile food preparation vehicle. Design and start-up cash are other factors.

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Deciding which type of food truck to own for a mobile food business depends on several factors, such as the type of food served, amount of space needed for food preparation and city regulations. An industrial commercial vehicle is the appropriate choice for lunches that are pre-made and packaged in a commercial kitchen. This type of truck is ideal for selling packaged sandwiches and snacks. If food is to be prepared inside of the truck while customers wait, it is better to choose the mobile food preparation vehicle, which has ample space for storing fresh food ingredients, cooking and preparing plates.

Any food truck purchased must meet all local and state food health and safety regulations. Therefore, the truck must have the proper equipment and interior design to pass health inspections. Money also plays a role in deciding whether to buy a new or used food truck. Purchasing a used food truck and retrofitting it, is a cheaper option when start up cash is limited. Renting a food truck also saves money.

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