What Kind of Live CE Events Does FreeCE Offer for Pharmacists?

What Kind of Live CE Events Does FreeCE Offer for Pharmacists?

FreeCE offers online LIVE CE events for pharmacists that cover topics such as Medicare, immunizations, supplements, safety, and specific illnesses and medications. For instance, events dealing with Medicare may discuss fraud and abuse of the system. Immunization presentations include updated vaccine recommendations and review of vaccination processes.

CE events on supplements address issues such as the benefits of antioxidants, natural and herbal treatments for colds and flu, and Coenzyme Q10 and omega-3 fatty acids usage. Safety topics include misuse of prescription drugs, abuse of nontraditional drugs, prevention of errors in pharmacy practice, poisoning treatments and summer hazards

Illnesses and disorders that pharmacists study in CE events include diabetes, obesity, HIV, restless leg syndrome, attention deficit order/hyperactivity disorder and cirrhosis. Certain medications receive individual attention, such as pain and palliative care prescriptions, medical marijuana, new drug therapies and oral medications for chronic hepatitis C.

Keeping up with mandates is also an important part of continuing education. Events present information about new drug approval processes, HIPPA updates, federal pharmacy laws, OSHA regulations and requirements for compounding drugs.

FreeCE is a part of PharmCon, Inc, which is accredited to offer continuing education by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education. This authorization has been in place since 1994.