What Kind of Jobs Are There for Teenagers Under 18?

What Kind of Jobs Are There for Teenagers Under 18?

Some jobs for teenagers under 18 include babysitting, delivery driving, retail and tutoring. All of these part-time jobs are accessible to teenagers who are still in school.

Babysitting is a common job for teenagers, and the nature of the work means that there are typically no age restrictions. Babysitters may work in the afternoons and evenings after school or on the weekends. They typically find work through word of mouth, and more experienced babysitters may be able to set their own hours and pay rates.

For teens who have cars and drivers licenses, delivery driving is another job option. Drivers most commonly deliver pizza or other food, and the job lends itself to independence and autonomy. While the hourly pay is typically low, drivers also make tips.

Retail is another common field for teenagers. Work typically occurs on weekdays after school or on the weekends, and teens may work at clothing stores, drug stores or any other retail establishment. While the pay is usually minimum wage, the work is generally easy, and teens often get to work alongside other employees their own age.

Tutoring is another job option for teens who are academically gifted. Whether it’s in reading, writing, math or science, tutors can typically set their own schedules and hourly rates for services. Word of mouth and community advertising are typically the best ways for teens to find work tutoring.