What Kind of Jobs Are You Qualified for With an Associate Degree in Applied Science?

Employers hire people with an associate degree in applied sciences for many entry-level jobs. Some positions include bookkeeper, child care worker, clinical lab technician, customer service representative, emergency medical technician, firefighter, paralegal, payroll clerk, receptionist, human resources assistant, writer, editor, director and producer.

An associate degree in applied science qualifies students to work as geological or petroleum technicians, administrative managers, administrative assistants, automotive service technicians, bill and account collectors, computer programmers, computer support specialists, database managers and real estate brokers. The motion picture industry and health care industries hire people with A.A.S. degrees. Some schools hire people with A.A.S. degrees to work as teacher assistants.

Many colleges and universities offer specialized A.A.S. programs that qualify students to work in specific fields. For example, Finger Lakes Community College in New York offers an A.A.S. paralegal degree program, which qualifies students to work as paralegals. The school's A.A.S. degree program in horticulture qualifies students to work as landscapers, nursery managers, greenhouse and garden center managers and in pest control.

Some colleges offer more generalized applied sciences degree programs that train students in transferable skills. The Community College of Aurora in Colorado offers a career and technical education A.A.S. degree program that exposes students to planning, management, finances, underlying principles of technology and health and safety and environmental issues.