What Kind of Jobs Are There for a Navy Officer?


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For naval officers, jobs are available in the following fields: aviation, business, law, religious leadership and support, engineering and science, health care, communications and technology, energy, security, special operations, air-traffic controller, building, sonar technology and more. Positions can be found both inside and outside the Navy. The career possibilities depend on training during service.

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Just like any college, training in the U.S. Navy prepares midshipmen and officers for their careers. Officers can get a more general Liberal Arts education and train in a specific field. An officer with a degree can get very specific training that enables him to teach classes in his specialty. Many of the fields taught in the Navy have multiple specialities. Within cryptology, for example, there are five specialties: administration, interpretive, communication, collection and technical. With a degree in education and specific naval training, an officer could teach the fundamentals of nuclear propulsion, the safe operation and handling of scuba equipment and marksmanship. A Navy education enables a naval officer to get a job on a ship, submarine, squadron and unit or within a civilian company or organization. After naval training, officers can also opt to continue their education at college or a university to get an advanced degree.

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