What Kind of Jobs Involve Children?

What Kind of Jobs Involve Children?

There are many different career paths that involve working with children, including teaching, coaching and childcare. Some of the most common careers that often include work with children can be found in the educational, medical and social services career fields.

In the field of education, there are many opportunities to find a job working with children. Educators, school counselors, librarians, coaches, speech pathologists and childcare workers all spend the majority of their time working with children.

In the social services field, social work, child welfare work, child psychology, family therapy and child development are all careers that provide work with children. In this field, the jobs often include helping children who are in need and providing safety for abused children.

Pediatricians, pediatric nurses, midwives and many other medical professionals focus their time exclusively on caring for child patients. Though the education requirements for this career field can be the most extensive, the potential rewards include bringing sick children back to health and helping all children treated stay well.

There are many jobs outside of these three career fields that involve working with children as well, such as writing, illustrating or publishing children's books; working in a museum; or running a children's camp or activity center.