What Kind of Jobs Can Someone Get With an Arts and Sciences Degree?

Graduates with an arts and sciences degree can work in finance, purchasing and logistics, marketing, and the arts and entertainment industry. The type of job the graduate can aim for may depend on their degree content, and may also be dependent on further training.

Students who major in arts and sciences open themselves up to a broad range of career paths. Some include:

  • Finance sales and services
  • Purchasing and logistics
  • Advertising, public relations and marketing
  • Banking and financial management
  • The arts and entertainment industry
  • Teaching in kindergarten
  • Other academic careers
  • Working for non-profit organizations
  • Roles within the government

Some arts and sciences graduates may wish to pursue further study before starting their career. It is possible to move onto education, law and medicine, although some programs may require entrance tests to prove aptitude for the graduate's chosen field.

A typical arts and sciences degree offers a broad education to the student. Depending on the college, students may liaise with an academic adviser to choose the subjects that best suit their career goals. Because of the broad nature of this degree, employers requiring candidates with good analytical and communication skills favor it. Students aiming for a career in the business or the non-profit world may wish to focus on communication, math and similar subjects.