What Kind of Jobs Can You Get With an MPA Degree?

What Kind of Jobs Can You Get With an MPA Degree?

Individuals with a Masters in Public Administration degree can get jobs in government offices, nongovernmental organizations, the private sector and the media. They may also become research analysts or university professors.

A Masters in Public Administration degree opens up opportunities in local, state and federal government offices for individuals who can plan, analyze and manage different government programs. There have been a number of Cabinet members who hold MPA degrees.

Non-governmental organizations, including the United Nations, employ MPA graduates to work on international policy research and to support intergovernmental operations. Local and national nonprofit organizations, such as the Boys and Girls Club of America and the American Red Cross, employ MPA graduates to manage community outreach, plan programs and direct fundraising.

The private sector employs MPA graduates as research analysts, financial managers, chief executive officers and company directors. These graduates are in demand in the private sector because they are skilled in program development and they understand the impact these programs have on the development of businesses and companies.

Media companies are always looking for qualified professionals who are familiar with programs and public policy to give knowledgeable insight on political situations. MPA graduates can work as data analysts or as news writers and reporters.