What Kind of Jobs Does BAMSI Typically Offer?


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Brockton Area Multi-Services, Inc. offers a wide range of job opportunities for administrative staff, licensed clinicians, medical professionals, support staff and others in the medical field. BAMSI provides internship and volunteer opportunities as well.

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Residential counselors, physical therapists, licensed practical nurses, per diem nurses and nutritionists are some of the job opportunities with Brockton Area Multi-Services, Inc. Students and individuals aiming to gain practical clinical experience can also apply for internship opportunities. BAMSI is a nonprofit organization that provides needed services to children and adults with mental illness, developmental disabilities and behavioral health needs.

A residential counselor oversees residents' safety concerns, personal progress, documentation and communication tasks, and community referrals. Most organizations require residential counselors to at least have a bachelor's degree in a related area of study, such as social work or counseling. Residential counselors are responsible for the overall safety and care of the patients residing in the facility, while also supervising recreational activities among the members.

Physical therapists assist patients who wish to manage pain and restore or improve mobility. They often instruct patients on how to manage illness without relying on prescription medications for long-term use. A physical therapist develops a custom treatment plan for each patient according to desired goals, such as preventing disability, reducing pain or promoting mobility.

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