How Do You Know What Kind of Job You Should Want?

Job seekers should consider positions that cater to their educational skills, training or personal interests. Positions that provide opportunities for advancement, additional education and training, or perks such as telecommuting, flexible work schedules or tuition reimbursement help employees stay engaged and motivated at the workplace.

In addition to finding employment opportunities that allow people to utilize specific skills and training, job seekers should also consider a company's location, daily commute to and from work and the workplace environment. Cost of living and commute times can vary greatly depending on a company's location. Job seekers need to compare cost of living and starting salaries when considering specific positions. Job seekers should also consider commuting costs and time spent commuting to and from work each day. Since most employees spend 40 hours each week at work, job seekers should learn more about company policies concerning telecommuting, sick leave, vacation leave and dress code before accepting a position.

Job seekers should carefully research companies to find those that promote from within on a regular basis. Not only does promoting internally on a regular basis demonstrate a willingness to invest in employees through ongoing education and training, but it also demonstrates workforce loyalty and acceptance of company policies.