What Kind of Job Can I Get With a General Studies Degree?

Because a general studies degree covers a broad spectrum of subjects without offering specialization in a particular field, it is ideal for students who wish to enter a communications-based interdisciplinary field, such as sales, media and entertainment, law enforcement or government. A degree in general studies can lead to high-level positions in marketing, public relations and law. It is not for careers in specialized disciplines, such as medicine or psychology.

A degree in general studies has the advantage of covering a university's general education requirements while allowing students the freedom to explore personal interests. It equips students with the fundamentals of many fields: mathematics, science, art, history, politics and government.

Students who complete general studies programs have a broad understanding of how the many components of their world come together to create a flourishing global society. General studies also equips students with strong communications skills, helping them to become proficient writers, public speakers and users of multimedia and technology.

Often, students who major in general studies seek a higher degree to complement the foundation of their undergraduate work. They may go to law school or undertake public policy programs or education preparation.

With skills and knowledge in several subjects, a graduate with a degree in general studies can find work in many areas, from nonprofit organizations and government to education, business, law enforcement and advertising.