What Kind of Insurance Policies Are Issued by KennCo Underwriting Ltd.?

What Kind of Insurance Policies Are Issued by KennCo Underwriting Ltd.?

KennCo Underwriting Ltd. offers auto, home and travel policies to customers in Ireland, according to the company website. This insurer also offers van coverage. Customers can obtain quotes by visiting the company's website at KennCo.ie.

KennCo offers coverage for a variety of different drivers, including both young and mature drivers as well as drivers with previous convictions and penalty points. KennCo provides coverage for vehicles up to 15 years old, and coverage is available for large, unusual or high-value cars. A policyholder receives unlimited windshield protection and motor legal protection with this policy, according to KennCo. Policyholders do not lose the provided no claims bonus for fire or theft claims. KennCo provides 24-hour breakdown assistance, an approved repairer network, and a courtesy car for up to five days while a policyholder's car is under repair.

KennCo's home insurance policy covers accidental damage for a policyholder's house and its contents. A policyholder also receives family legal protection and coverage for losing his keys, reports KennCo.

KennCo provides travel insurance that covers policyholders as they travel all over the world. A policyholder does not have to have private health insurance to receive this policy, and the policy covers ski holidays and non-manual business trips. This policy also covers costs associated with trip delays and cancellations, explains KennCo.

With KennCo's van insurance, drivers between the age of 21 and 70 receive coverage. This policy covers vans up to 5 tons, and policyholders can add additional drivers to the policy, as stated by KennCo. This policy also includes 24-hour breakdown assistance and motor legal protection.