What Kind of Information Does a Written Safety Plan Include?


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A written safety plan includes information such as identification of possible hazards, a process of recognizing and reporting potential hazards, alarm procedures, and procedures on how to inform employees of hazards, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. It must include information on how to notify response organizations and evacuation.

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A safety plan must also include procedures of how to account for every employee after evacuation and names, including job titles or departments of people to be contacted for further information regarding the safety plan, states the U.S. Department of Labor. An employer is required to review a written safety plan within 90 days with employees on their current assignments and when an employee is assigned for the first time. If there are changes in the safety plan or changes in duties, the employer must also review the plan with the employees.

The plan must be kept in a location where it is easily accessible by every employee, employee representatives and labor officials, explains the U.S. Department of Labor. The employer must review the plan at least once a year and as often as necessary. The employer also needs to document that employees have been informed as necessary regarding the plan. Any organization that responds to emergencies also must be given a copy of the latest safety plan. Contract employers within a host organization must have a safety plan for their employees that is in line with the host employer’s safety plan.

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