What Kind of Information Is Usually Included in Case Management Templates?


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The type of information typically found in case management templates varies depending on the specific use of the form, such as for a social services visit for a child or a safety review for a product. Most forms include area for names, address and specific notes about the case.

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Many case management forms allow county or state case workers to track and report the current conditions of individuals in various types of circumstances, ranging from the health of an individual for a social services case manager to the overall condition of a product for a quality control case manager. Though there is no standard template for a case management form across all industries, each individual industry may maintain its own set of requirements. Within a business context, the first section of a case management template includes space for entering details about the person or product under review. In the case of a product, this includes its name, line, number and details about the party responsible for it.

The form typically includes sections that allow the case manager to track specific benchmarks, such as compliance with company standards or applicable laws. It also includes an area where the manager may write notes about the ways the product or person meets those standards. If the manager finds that the party in question fails to meet the standards, a further section includes repercussions and next steps.

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