What Kind of Information Should Be in a New Hire Packet?

What Kind of Information Should Be in a New Hire Packet?

A basic new hire packet includes employee information forms, pertinent tax documents and bank deposit information, an employee handbook, detailing employee conduct and policies, and any legal documents between the employer and employee. The specific needs of a particular employing entity as well as any state employment regulations also determine the contents of the packet.

Although not necessary, a welcome letter that details the contents of the packet and the responsibilities of the employee as it pertains to the documents therein is a wise inclusion.

Most employers include tax forms, such as a W-4 or a Form I-9, as well as information or forms on direct deposit of paychecks. In many cases, employees have to supply an authorization form from their bank to participate in the direct deposit system.

Many employers include insurance, retirement and benefit information in a new hire packet.

In most instances, employing organizations requires a background check or drug testing. If the employee did not complete these requirements in the application process, information on these types of information is included in the packet.

Employers often use the packets to disseminate employee handbooks, which often include information on company polices, such as a code of ethics and sick leave procedures.

Other important documents to put in a new hire packet include company directories, any consent or disclosure forms, or an employee activity calendar.