What Kind of Information Is Included on the Federal Payroll Tax Table?


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The federal payroll tax tables provide two sets of tables corresponding to the wage bracket method and the percentage method of computing an employee's tax withholding amount based on the pay frequency and the number of allowances, states the Internal Revenue Service. The tables provide formulas for each filing status.

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The percentage method section contains tables for various pay periods, including weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual, according to the IRS website. Each table has a subsection for single persons and heads of households and another for married people. Each subsection has formulas to compute tax withholding for income brackets. In each bracket, the entry provides a base amount corresponding to the lower end of the bracket and a percentage for the excess amount. The sum of the two components is the tax to withhold.

The section for the wage bracket method provides exhaustive loop-up tables rather than formulas for computing tax withholding, notes the IRS. There is one table for married persons and another for single persons receiving a weekly salary. There are two tables each for biweekly, monthly and daily pay periods. Each of these tables provides the amount to withhold for salary ranges in small increments ranging from $2 to $40.

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