What Kind of Information Can You Find on the Exchange Traded Funds List?


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An Exchange Traded Funds list provides key details about the funds, including the name of the fund, its ticker name on the NASDAQ, the last trade price at closing, how much it returned or lost and its trade volume for the day, according to Yahoo. Other ETF lists may include slightly different information, such as multiple columns showing returns over different lengths of time.

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An ETF list is a list of all of the Exchange Traded Funds that is provided by a financial management company or made available on a trading website. These lists contain current and historical trading information. Investors review these lists to see how each of the funds are doing at a glance, or they scroll through them looking for a specific ETF, usually one they have invested in, to see how it's doing.

Some financial websites allow investors to sort their ETF lists by category or search by ETF name, according to the ETF Database. There are Exchange Traded Funds for nearly every sector of the finance world from water to commodities, such as oil or metals. These lists display more in-depth information for research purposes.

ETF lists may show the overall change in price in percentage for the trading day, the value of assets in the ETF portfolio, expenses, dividends, tax rates on dividends and earnings and even high and low price per share estimates on the Bollinger Band.

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