What Kind of Information Is Available in the Anthem Doctor Directory?

The Anthem provider directory has information about the medical professionals and services available to members of Anthem plans in every state. The directory includes subdivisions for specialties within the different providers, such as cardiology for doctors or surgical centers for hospitals, as seen on Anthem's website.

Searchers can use their membership identification to find providers or facilities in their networks, or they can choose to enter their state, plan, provider, specialty, location and distance, reports Anthem. The location and distance must be within 2 to 100 miles of a ZIP code, or consist of a county and state. Optional filters include providers who accept new patients and those who can serve as primary care physicians. If the searcher knows the name of the provider, he can also enter it to find the provider's address or affiliations.

If the searcher clicks on Show More Options, additional filters appear. Users can choose sub-specialties, such as adult nurse practitioner, family practice, sports medicine or physician assistant. Searchers can also select the gender of the provider, a language spoken in addition to English and a specific hospital affiliation. They can even choose their providers based on which awards the provider has received, according to Anthem.